Corporate Management of Schools Kanjirapally

Corporate Management of Schools, Diocese of Kanjirappally

The Corporate Management of Schools, Diocese of Kanjirapally was constituted in 1977, immediately after the establishment of the Diocese. Byelaw was submitted to the Director of Public Instruction and got approved on 18.05.1977. Constitution of the Corporate Management was formed and submitted to the Department on 06.07.1977. It was approved as per order No. R. Dis 98056/77/E4 according to rule 2 Chapter III, Kerala Education Act and Rules on 13.09.1977. The Management was instituted formaly on 07.09.1977.>>Readmore

Corporate Manager

As per the provision in KER, Chapter III, Rule 6, The Bishop appoints a priest as the Corporate Manager (By Power of Attorney) whose duty is to look after the routine duties and carry on all correspondence relating  Corporate Manager. So far, three Rev. Fathers have rendered thier valuable and memorable service to the management as secretaries.
  • Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mankamthanam (Senior) from 1977 to 2001
  • Rev. Fr. John Vettuvayalil from 2001 to 2008
  • Rev. Fr. Thomas Ettolil from 2008 to 2012
  •  Rev. Fr. Zacharias Illickamuryil is serving the Management as the secretary from 15.02.2012 onwards.